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Book Sales Skyrocket in UK, But Authors’ Incomes Shrink

Not too long ago, I wrote here that booklovers and readers feared the decline of reading would lead to disappearing books. Now the latest news from The Guardian says the newest fear is the decline of writers. Book sales, particularly hardback books, have skyrocketed according to The Guardian report, showing that people still love print and books, even […]

Check Out 42 New Bookstores Opened in 2012

The  American Booksellers Association (ABA) reports that 42 new bookstores joined its ranks in 2012, opening across 24 states. Six were branches of existing businesses. Seven sell primarily used books. Seven opened in California, five in New York, three each in Florida and Texas, two in South Carolina, and one each in Kansas, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania. […]

Publishers Report Print Book Sales on the Rise

Publishing Statistics – eBook Sales’ Rise Benefits Print Book Sales (via ePublish a Book)   According to a report published by the American Association of Publishers , the exponential rise in ebook sales in the last few years did not harm print book sales, on the contrary. The print book sales are also on the increase, albeit […]

Micro-Libraries The Book Booth

Micro-Libraries – The Book Both or Phone Booth Libraries (via ePublish a Book) Micro-Libraries – The Book Booth or Phone Booth Libraries   As both books and phones are turning mobile, print books and phone booth are joined in an unexpected fashion. From Phone Booth to Book Booth, the readcycling movement is spreading, and that […]

Book as Interface – Electronic Paper Book

An experimental  electronic paper book that is interactive when connected to a computer has been featured on Creative Applications Network. Created by Waldek Węgrzyn at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland, the “Electrolibrary” project transforms a custom paper book into an interface. You can read the book like an ordinary printed book, according to […]

Study Rates iPad Over Kindle, Nook in Reader Satisfaction

The iPad has edged out the Nook and the Kindle in e-reader satisfaction in a recent university study. Participants aged 18 to 59 felt the iPad was “more natural” and easy to use, according to a study from the Software Usability Research Laboratory (SURL) at Wichita State University. “The bigger screen of the iPad, multi-touch […]

Is Publishing Dead? Reverse That Thought

Love this provocative video, surprising twist at the end…

MyTabletBooks.com Converts Illustrated Print Books for Publishers

Publishers Weekly reports that the Four Colour Print Group has formed a new division that offers publishers a conversion service to turn their illustrated print books into ebooks, which can then be sold on its website, MyTabletBooks.com Shrinking shelf space and the challenge of converting illustrated print books for digital devices spurred the company to […]

What Motivates eBook Readers to Buy?

“This slide from ebook retailer Kobo shares findings of what motivates 4 different user profiles to buy ebooks. Users are separated by devices they use and other demographics. The takeaway trend is that ‘heavy’ readers are moving more quickly than anticipated from print to digital.” Our suspicion is that we’re not just moving more people […]

Will the Paper Phone Bring Books to Life?

A “PaperPhone” that flexes and doesn’t feel like metal or glass will make e-reading feel more like reading a paper book says its creator, Roel Vertegaal of Queen’s University. Vertegaal predicted his PaperPhone would make the current iPhone obsolete within 10 years. Dr. Vertegaal unveiled his paperphone at the Association of Computing Machinery’s chi 2011 […]