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Great Gifts for Book Lovers

A gift for a book lover is a good idea anytime. It’s an unwritten rule that a book lover is also entitled to buy one for her or himself during the holidays. I came across this list of 15 ideas at and wanted to share. Love the miniature library.

Chemical Explanation for New Book and Old Book Aromas

Great chemical explanation for the tantalizing aroma of both new books and old books found on the cool chemistry infographics blog out of the UK, Compound Interest. Visit New Old Book Smell at Tip and thanks for the find from a unique nephew who shared it on Facebook.

The Gentle Start of a Book Collecting Obsession

A tweet from Jonathan Kearns at BiblioDeviant  led to a blog on “Collecting Golf Books” and a post on the obsession of a book collector. It resonates with anyone who has ever reflected on how gentle was the lure that pulled them into the depths of obsession. The writer departs from the blog’s usual focus […]

Micro-Libraries The Book Booth

Micro-Libraries – The Book Both or Phone Booth Libraries (via ePublish a Book) Micro-Libraries – The Book Booth or Phone Booth Libraries   As both books and phones are turning mobile, print books and phone booth are joined in an unexpected fashion. From Phone Booth to Book Booth, the readcycling movement is spreading, and that […]

Joy of Books Music Video

Catch books dancing after hours in this Joy of Books video.

Why Do Old Books Smell?

Book Hoarder Bares Obsession

  Mark Medley in his Confessions of a Book Hoarder essay, is a breath of fresh air. Medley edits the book blog for Canada’s National Post. As a book reviewer and editor, he could certainly justify his habit. Instead, he admits that he is powerless over books. He finally found friendly intervention from supportive colleagues, […]

Do You Love Old Books?

The faster we speed into the transparent, socialized world of e-books and digital readers, and the more brick and mortar bookstores that bite the dust, the more precious and rare become the books we leave behind, and the libraries that keep them. Not just illuminated manuscripts, or books rolled out centuries ago from Gutenberg technology, […]