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Best Ways to Care for Books

There are many sources of information for caring for your books. One of the most comprehensive I have run across was published by the Tapping Book Mine in Atlantic Beach in northeast Florida. “Book Care for Bibliophiles” includes advice for protecting your books even in subtropical environments; advice how to say “No” to would-be book […]

Support World Book Night in U.S.

World Book Night is celebrated every year on April 23. You can help World Book Night reach their goals in the US in 2013 and beyond by making a tax-deductible donation of whatever you can. Every cent donated goes to help spread the love of reading. To make a quick and safe donation please use […]

A Hypothesis for the Mind-Body Problem

There’s a provocative article on Scribd under its “Trending” section:  “A Paradigm-Breaking Hypothesis for Solving the Mind-Body Problem” by Bernardo Kastrup in the journal  Paranthology. The author holds a Ph.D. in computer engineering, works in the high tech industry and has also worked at CERN according to his bio on Amazon. The article is a […] Elevates Role of Editors has had a makeover. If you are passionate about reading, publishing and the cross pollination of ideas, creative writing, art, social movements, academics and technology, check out the new The navigation is cleaner and easier. The homepage is much more compelling. Scribd has re-asserted the role of human editors and designers in selecting, […]

Joy of Books Music Video

Catch books dancing after hours in this Joy of Books video.

Books Are the New Budget Collectibles

Now even a mainstream financial information website like The Street is spreading the word that printed books do not have to be ultra rare or antique to be collectible. This trend has undoubtedly helped make printed books number two on Main Street’s Top Ten Budget Collectibles That Can Turn a Profit.  “The internet and e-readers […]

Why Do Old Books Smell?

John McWhinnie, Expert in Rare Books, Dies at 43

John McWhinnie, a highly respected rare-book dealer has died at the age of 43 in a tragic accident. The New York Times described McWhinnie as a “champion of words and images on paper in an age of electronic reading.” McWhinnie and his wife were reported to be snorkeling on vacation in the British Virgin Islands […]

English Booksellers

“English booksellers, for five hundred years, have survived famines, invasions, recessions and depressions and of late battled both the economic downturn and the bruited ‘death of books’ at the hands of e-readers. You could then be forgiven for thinking the surf is breaking over the retaining walls but never fear. Booksellers have been hearing the […]

Ed’s Editions offers inexpensive first-edition books

Nice feature on a used bookstore in Columbia, S.C., which claims an inventory of 37,000 used and collectible books offering many first editions at reasonable prices. Ed’s Editions Turns Page on Classic Rare Reads by Kristyn Winch for The Daily Gamecock reports on this family owned and operated bookstore. The bookstore, which has been at […]