Great Gifts for Book Lovers

A gift for a book lover is a good idea anytime. It’s an unwritten rule that a book lover is also entitled to buy one for her or himself during the holidays. I came across this list of 15 ideas at and wanted to share. Love the miniature library.

Book Sales Skyrocket in UK, But Authors’ Incomes Shrink

Not too long ago, I wrote here that booklovers and readers feared the decline of reading would lead to disappearing books. Now the latest news from The Guardian says the newest fear is the decline of writers. Book sales, particularly hardback books, have skyrocketed according to The Guardian report, showing that people still love print and books, even […]

New Canaan Library Auctioning Collectible Books on eBay

The New Canaan library in Connecticut has been auctioning collectible books on eBay as part of its annual Spring book sale being held this weekend, June 6 – Sunday, June 8, 2014. Auction winners can pick up their books when they come to the library’s book sale. See what books are left for auction at […]

Chemical Explanation for New Book and Old Book Aromas

Great chemical explanation for the tantalizing aroma of both new books and old books found on the cool chemistry infographics blog out of the UK, Compound Interest. Visit New Old Book Smell at Tip and thanks for the find from a unique nephew who shared it on Facebook.

Help California Bookstore Day

If you root for indie bookstores anywhere, here’s your chance to support for indie booksellers across California.  Independent bookstores are neighborhood sanctuaries of comfort, where an impromptu conversation across the counter about ideas, books and authors in and out of the mainstream can make your day. The California Bookstore Day is raising donations for a […]

Can Big Bookstores Survive?

The sad truth is that bookworms love browsing a physical book store, but the bookstore is not really able to extract the full value it provides for this service. –  Andrew Rhomberg, Does Barnes & Noble Have a Future?   

Auction Jan 24 2013 Includes Rare Maurice Sendak Books

Swann Galleries will be auctioning an extensive selection of original works by Maurice Sendak, along with  works by Edward Gorey, Charles Addams, Al Hirschfeld, Beatrix Potter, Dr. Seuss and others on the afternoon of Jan 24, 2013.  Swann’s auction of 20th Century Illustration Art and Books coincides with  Bibliography Week in New York. Of most interest […]

Check Out 42 New Bookstores Opened in 2012

The  American Booksellers Association (ABA) reports that 42 new bookstores joined its ranks in 2012, opening across 24 states. Six were branches of existing businesses. Seven sell primarily used books. Seven opened in California, five in New York, three each in Florida and Texas, two in South Carolina, and one each in Kansas, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania. […]

In Boston Catch Ken Gloss’ Talks on Rare Books

If you live within driving distance of Boston and want to know if your old books are valuable,  visit the Brattle Book Shop, or attend a public appearance by Ken Gloss, the store’s owner and renowned rare book expert. The Brattle Book Shop, established in 1825, is one of America’s oldest antiquarian bookstores. Gloss frequently talks about collectible, rare […]

Modern First Editions – Clive Hirschhorn Collection Up for Auction

A pantheon of the first editions of some of the most popular modern classics of the 20th century will be auctioned off in London by Bloomsbury Auctions on Thursday, October 25, 2012. The Modern First Editions collection of film and theater critic Clive Hirschhorn up for bid is composed of 416 lots, displayed across 21 pages […]