Book Sales Skyrocket in UK, But Authors’ Incomes Shrink

Not too long ago, I wrote here that booklovers and readers feared the decline of reading would lead to disappearing books. Now the latest news from The Guardian says the newest fear is the decline of writers.

Book sales, particularly hardback books, have skyrocketed according to The Guardian report, showing that people still love print and books, even if they are across digital devices.

The biggest publishers in UK are showing a decline in pay for authors and less investment in their writers, particularly those yet to have a breakout bestseller, says the author of Girl With a Pearl Earring, Tracy Chevalier. “Authors have seen their earnings chipped away at while publishers thrive.”

Chevalier added:

“Most writers cobble together a living from several sources: teaching, journalism, and odd-jobs. Writing is just one shrinking source of income. Shrink it enough and people will stop writing altogether. It literally won’t be worth it.”

You can read the whole article with the numbers at The Guardian. Be sure and chip in a dollar to support the newspaper and journalism, since the newspaper still allows you to read their articles without a paywall.