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Financial Advisors Alerted to Rising Book Market

Another financial investment website is talking about the market for collectible books, indication that the market is growing. “Certain types of manuscripts and texts are commanding top dollar as nostalgia and electronic books gain influence with buyers” headlines the article posted Aug. 20, 2012: Collectible Books Not Just for Reading.

Ed McCarthy, CFP, interviewed Francis Wahlgren, Christie’s International Head of Books and Manuscripts in New York, and Rebecca Rego Barry, editor of Fine Books & Collections magazine in Durham, N.C.

What is garnering the most attention now according to McCarthy’s interviews are:

  • “iconic” and historically significant books and manuscript.s
  • children’s books.
  • limited editions such as artists’ books and fine press editions.

Whereas recent posts on the collectible book market have been consumer oriented, is targeted to professional investment advisors. The website provides data geared to help financial advisors grow their practices and inform their clients.