The Gentle Start of a Book Collecting Obsession

A tweet from Jonathan Kearns at BiblioDeviant  led to a blog on “Collecting Golf Books” and a post on the obsession of a book collector. It resonates with anyone who has ever reflected on how gentle was the lure that pulled them into the depths of obsession.

The writer departs from the blog’s usual focus on golf books to dwell on the general nature of “books, collecting and the civility of a good library.”

The writer notes that: “In 2010 Amazon sold 143 e-books for every 100 hardcover books. While the Kindle, Nook and iPad have certainly helped book sales and turned a lot of people onto reading more, there is still something special about the real thing.”

Indeed. His confession:

“You mentally tell yourself to set a budget. But time and time again you fail to meet the budget. Then you start to look at the finer books and start buying at auctions. Again, your budget gets blown and it ratchets up another notch. “Yea, but this is such a rare book, I may not have another chance to get it, especially in this condition.” Well, it was only a mental budget anyhow. You know it has reached fever pitch when you start hiding your purchases from your spouse.”

The blog also has a nice collection of quotes about the value of books to society and one’s personal space.

Enjoy the full blog post (published by Valuable Book Group, LLC)  here .