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Welcome to Our Curious Little Book Shoppe

Welcome to our curious little book stop, a haunt for book buyers, readers and collectors who are still passionate about owning printed and bound books. We collect and sell vintage, out-of-print, contemporary collectibles and used books of all genres in our Amazon store.

We also offer links for other sources of collectible and vintage books, other independent and used bookstores, donation sites for your extra books, antiquarian book restorers, and news of notable book auction.

Why I See Dead Books?
Because that’s what popped up one dark and stormy night, hearing of yet another demise of a brick and mortar bookstore here, and the struggles of publishers and libraries everywhere. Such announcements are usually followed by somber predictions that printed books are dying and soon to be as dead as dinosaurs. 2011 saw Amazon’s Kindle e-book sales outstripping its print sales for the first time.

As a haunter of bookshops, a garage sale shopper and library fan, I see so many old books out-of-print that are wandering about without a home but which still have something to say to the right reader at the right time. We hope you find one that speaks to you, no matter where you find it.