Study Rates iPad Over Kindle, Nook in Reader Satisfaction

The iPad has edged out the Nook and the Kindle in e-reader satisfaction in a recent university study.

Participants aged 18 to 59 felt the iPad was “more natural” and easy to use, according to a study from the Software Usability Research Laboratory (SURL) at Wichita State University.

“The bigger screen of the iPad, multi-touch capability, color display, and “flashy” graphics contributed to overall ease-of-use and higher preference for the iPad over the Kindle and Nook,” reported the SURL team.

The SURL team at Wichita State specializes in software/website user interface design, usability testing, and research in human-computer interaction.

The purpose of study was to evaluate three competing e-Readers (iPad, Kindle 2, and Nook 1st Edition) for usability, preference, satisfaction, and workload.

The study asked users to list their likes or dislikes about current e-Readers, and what problems they encountered in completing various tasks.

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