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Seth Godin Pokes the Publishing Industry

What’s not to like about Seth Godin’s world?

One of the most well-known marketing thought leaders today, Seth Godin has built a worldwide platform and written 13 best selling books by sniffing trends and changes in the wind, then packaging his thoughts into pithy, small manifestos heralding the new order of things and why you need to jump on the bandwagon by getting off of it.

Never worry about failure he says. In Seth Godin’s world, failure is just another word for winning. In fact, he talks freely about his dozen failed commercial ventures as badges of triumph. Getting up and trying again and staying in the game is the ultimate win, he says. And in that, perhaps he’s right.

Poke-the-Box-Seth-GodinRecently Godin started a new commercial venture, The Domino Project, launched with Amazon in conjunction with his newest book, Poke the Box. The book has no cover title and no chapters, which gets attention (isn’t that the marketer’s first rule?) through sheer novelty. The book, which he virally sold for a mere $1 on Kindle to early buyers, is a conversation piece for Godin to talk about the great disruption in the publishing industry and how digital technology has called the very definition of “book” into debate. The article in the Social Media Examiner on how Seth Godin is transforming the book industry is worth a look. I’d like to know what you think.