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Enrich Living Room with Books

Eugenia Orr writes, “If you love to read and it shows from the piles of books all over your home, then it is time to make books a part of your decor.”  Orr’s article, presents at least four ways to enrich your living room decor using books:

  • Make an end table out of books
  • Express Yourself by displaying large art or exceptional books on your coffee table
  • Display fine books in a curio or china cabinet
  • Create a reading corner with comfy chair and reading lamp with an end table made for books.

Orr writes, “Show off the books with a marble globe or bookends of Rodin’s “The Thinker.”  Make this display a focal point of your living room with a leather chair, ottoman, and floor lamp–the perfect spot to curl up after a long day.”

Make Bookends from Books

Katherine Hatter  offers this tip: Instead of throwing or giving away old or unwanted books, use a hot glue gun to glue a stack of three or four books together to make a permanent bookend. Read more at:

*In all craft recycling and decorative uses where books will be damaged for reading, please consider books that are already devalued or damaged such as books that are too worn or missing pages.