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Check Old Comic Books for Value

I was glued to three Big Bang Theory sitcom episodes in a row last night and made a mental note to check out my local comic book store, like the main characters do every week.

The next day this article from Dr. Lori popped up on the collectible comic book trade, Collectibles and the Big Bang Theory.

The auction of a comic book recently sold for $2.161 million. Granted, this comic book was the rare Action Comics No. 1 with Superman’s first appearance, AND in supreme condition, AND from Nicolas’ Cage private collection. However, the record-breaking sale does remind you to check your comics before ditching them in a fit of reckless cleaning or sacrificial rite of passage from childhood.

5 Tips to Preserve Comic Books

Dr. Lori gives 5 tips to maintain the value of comic books.

  • Touch them as little as possible to protect the comics from the deteriorating effects of the oils from your hands.
  • Categorize and keep your comics by key characters such as Batman, etc.
  • Store your comic books in plastic covers, museum quality frames, or “acid free solander storage boxes.”
  • As convenient as it may be, don’t store your comic books in cardboard boxes and wooden crates, or places where the temperature is not controlled, like attics or basements, which are subject to extremes of humidity, heat and cold.
  • Avoid sunlight in displaying your comic books so they won’t fade and lose value.

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Resources for Comic Book Fans
Here are some other resources for comic book enthusiasts. Please comment with suggestions for other resources for comic book fans and I will add them here.