Book Hoarder Bares Obsession

The Bookworm (German: Der Bücherwurm) is an 1850 oil-on-canvas by painter and poet Carl Spitzweg. 

Mark Medley in his Confessions of a Book Hoarder essay, is a breath of fresh air. Medley edits the book blog for Canada’s National Post.

As a book reviewer and editor, he could certainly justify his habit. Instead, he admits that he is powerless over books. He finally found friendly intervention from supportive colleagues, who keep new book arrivals under lock and key, a safe distance from his abode.

I applaud Medley’s frankness. His confession is liberating to all book hoarders along the spectrum, an invitation to come out of the musty closet, bare their obsession to the world and discover that they are not alone!

Indeed, Medley’s post and Twitter search for book hoarders attracted fascinating stories from like-minded souls.

I confess I cannot pass garage sale book bins, library sales, bookstores used or new, without wanting to rummage, and read passages; run my fingers over the spines and inhale the ink, and buy one, or two, or three for lack of a decision on which one to choose. Which is just one more reason I created I See Dead Books